What we do



Technology Delivery

We focus on technical excellence and great agile delivery to build software people actually want to use.

We assemble teams of smart people who love solving challenges for and with our clients.  We’re naturally collaborative and go the extra mile to ensure that we deliver software that our clients love.

Strong architecture and design skills

We know how to architect and design the right solutions using the right technologies for a given challenge.  Our analysts join the dots between what our clients ask for and what a system does.  Our architects design for functionality, security, performance, scalability and resilience from the get go.

Excellent software skills

Our developers have the skills, experience and know how to implement even the most complex requirements. They’re passionate about writing software and staying up to date with the right tools and technologies to solve our clients’ needs.

Quality assurance

Our QA team has the skills and expertise to ensure the software we build works from a functional and a non-functional perspective.  Whether it’s performance, accessibility, usability or operational we have the skills to make sure our software meets our clients’ needs.

Agile everything

Agile isn’t something we do, it’s something we are.  We know that scope and plans are important but we also know that our client’s businesses don’t stand still.  Adapting in the face of new information is critical to delivering software that meets the demands of our clients.


Technology Consulting

We don’t just build great software, we help our clients build great software too.

Being great at delivering top quality software and staying up to date with the latest technologies and approaches means we’re ideally placed to help our clients get better at delivering software too.  Our technology team don’t just build great software, they also advise our clients across the entire software delivery lifecycle.


Data & Analytics

Our Data, Analytics & AI team have the knowledge and experience to address every aspect of how data can further improve an organisation’s performance through:

Supporting decisions – Driving actionable insights, making recommendations and automating decisions using advanced analytics & AI

Delivering clarity – Rapidly deliver realtime visualisation tools to give better control

Reducing Complexity – Enabling companies to manage and integrate internal and external, structured and unstructured real-time data


Business Applications

Our team helps clients realise the digital vison for their organisation through the deployment of market leading platforms such as Microsoft and Salesforce.

We use a mix of business and technology skills to help clients optimise their business processes and touchpoints enabling them to deliver leading digital experiences.


Project and Programme Management

At BearingPoint Project and Programme Management, we help our customers unlock their vision and realise their ambitions.  In the competitive and accelerating world of today we deliver transformation to their IT/IS systems to drive business results within the organisation.

Our collaborative model enables a short ideation from design to delivery cycle, which provides a fast turnaround to market of our services.