Leinster Rugby

BearingPoint – Leinster Rugby’s Innovation Partner

As Innovation Partner to Leinster Rugby, BearingPoint supports the achievement of the club’s goals by providing digital transformation, technology implementation and consulting services. Our role is to assist Leinster Rugby to remain at the top of their field through the provision of innovation and technology services which are crucial to the continued success of any organisation. BearingPoint, with its track record in delivering results for clients, and team-based values, was seen as an ideal fit for Leinster Rugby.

The assignment focusses on putting innovation and the supporter experience at the heart of the matchday experience and by bringing technology to the centre of the matchday coaching and team preparations.

As one of the best supported professional rugby clubs in the world, Leinster Rugby’s goals for continued success on the pitch are mirrored by its ambitions to increase its fan base both in Ireland and overseas and provide a best-in-class experience for rugby supporters. As Leinster Rugby’s Official Innovation Partner, BearingPoint supports the achievement of these goals by providing digital transformation, technology implementation and consulting services.

Leinster Rugby has some of the best rugby supporters and fans in the world. They expect to be engaged, involved, informed and entertained in the build-up to a match, on match day in the stadium, and afterwards. BearingPoint is working with Leinster Rugby to develop a number of new initiatives to maximise the opportunities arising from the increase in touchpoints between the club and supporters.

A key element of Leinster Rugby’s growth strategy is the redevelopment of its home stadium at the Royal Dublin Society (RDS) arena in order to provide increased capacity, improved facilities and a world-class match-day experience. With permission recently secured for this development, BearingPoint is now supporting Leinster Rugby in the design and selection of all technology elements of the stadium, which is bringing many opportunities for innovation.

As well as their track record on the pitch, Leinster Rugby is also recognised for its emphasis on providing a holistic value proposition to its players in terms of the off-field support they receive. As part of our partnership, BearingPoint offers Leinster Rugby players the opportunity to develop new skills and competencies while working in a professional services environment, equipping them with the skills necessary to replicate their on-field success in their post-playing careers.

Leinster Rugby Digital and Innovation Services

BearingPoint has provided the following Innovation and Digital Services:

  • Supporter Innovation and Digital Experience via a Customer Management Solution, Digital Leadership Study and a Supporter Journey Map
  • Player Collaboration and Innovation which included a Collaboration Tools Review and a Player Journey Map
  • Data and Analytics
  • Stadium Technology
  • Match Day activations and support for Women’s Rugby

Player appearances

Through our partnership we get regular participation and attendance from members of the Men’s and Women’s rugby teams at staff and customer events.  Here’s a sample of the events that players have attended:

  • Annual ‘Kick-Off’ Meeting where players joined a Q&A
  • Kids Press Conferences, where children of BearingPoint staff got to ask the questions!
  • A Leadership discussion Breakfast where a number of CEO’s of our biggest clients discussed leadership topics with Leo Cullen and Mick Dawson (CEO Leinster Rugby)
  • The ‘BearingPoint Innovator’ series, where we told the story of the challenges faced by 3 of the female players
  • Annual Family Fun Day, held in Energia Park
  • Alumni Networking evening
  • Pre Match event, where Johnny Sexton took part in a Q&A with some of our clients, before a Leinster European Cup match