Meet Sylvia

Consultant, Technology

I joined BearingPoint remotely in Autumn of 2020, amid the global pandemic

My Role

I am a Technology Consultant for BearingPoint Dublin. I studied Computer Science International in TUD City Campus and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in 2019. I joined BearingPoint remotely in Autumn of 2020, amid the global pandemic. Starting a new job remotely may seem a little frightening and confusing at first, but my experience when I joined BearingPoint was very supportive and the onboarding was a great experience. Currently I am working on a large government project in Dublin, in a team delivering and supporting Continuous Integration solutions.

Normal Day

My normal day consists of working remotely, so that saves the time on travel! As a project member, I focus on the development and improvement of infrastructure, as well as supporting and assisting developers with incoming issues. I attend a daily virtual stand-up meeting with my team, where we discuss tasks and the blockers and bugs we encounter. Even though we are all not on client site, we all keep in touch within our team group chat, so my team are only a message away! We also hold weekly tea-times, whenever we want to have a little chat or share some stories.
Outside of my project work, I also get involved with virtual events within BearingPoint like the Sports and Social, CSR events, Coding Clubs and workout sessions hosted by BearingPoint’s official Health and Well-being ambassador (stay fit while staying inside!). While these events are all hosted virtually, it gives me a chance to meet and getting to know my colleagues.

Why BearingPoint?

BearingPoint is open-minded, open to diversity and constantly looks to innovate in technology and consulting. The company recognises your potential and skills and strongly encourages to grow and develop. As a graduate I was able to improve on my personal self, stepping out of my comfort zone, as well as gaining new experiences on client projects and getting insights on different areas in the field of technical consulting. There is a strong presence of teamwork and togetherness within BearingPoint, especially during these times; BearingPoint makes you feel like you are not alone during what feels like isolating times.

Outside of the Office

Outside of work hours, I like to hang out or video chat with close family and friends. In the evenings, I like to wind down by playing music, picking up new instruments to learn or even experimenting with makeup looks. I’m always looking to try out new things!

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