Meet Stephen

Analyst, Technology

My Role

I joined BearingPoint as a software developer after completing my final year at DCU.  Prior to this, I had worked at BearingPoint during my third-year internship.  Initially, I joined the RegTech team where I was able gain DevOps experience.  After six months, I moved to a full stack Java developer role for an interesting SaaS-based project.  I am a member of a large team with a wealth of experience which gives me plenty of opportunity to improve my skills learning from more senior developers.  In this role, I am lucky to work on the full stack of the project which means every day I learn something new in different areas of software development.

Normal Day

In BearingPoint, we work in an agile development environment and we start the day with our daily stand-up meeting.  At this meeting, we discuss what we worked on the previous day, our plan for the current day and if there is anything blocking our progress.  Depending on the stage of the project we are working on, our day could consist of analysis and design, feature development or bug fixing.  At BearingPoint every day is different which brings with it new challenges and experiences.

Why BearingPoint

In my third year of college, I was lucky enough to do a six-month internship with BearingPoint. During this time, I got my first experience of what It was like to work in an agile working environment.  Throughout my internship, I was given plenty of responsibility and felt a part of the team from the moment I joined.

In BearingPoint, learning and development is very much encouraged for all employees at all levels.  Your development manager will help you achieve your goals whether it’s earning an AWS cert or getting exposure to a technology you’re interested in.

Outside the Office

Outside of work, I enjoy catching up with friends where possible.  In my spare time, I enjoy going to the gym or if we get some nice weather going for a round of golf.


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