Meet Sean

Senior Consultant, Consulting

My Role 

Since joining BearingPoint in 2013, my role as an Analyst has evolved over the years.  Now as a Senior Consultant within the Consulting team, I work across a variety of specialised functions including operational optimisation, change management and HR transformation and technology.  

I’ve worked on a wide range of projects varying from very large government departments to other more niche public services. 

Working with an interesting mix of people and projects requires you to learn quickly, think outside the box and dig that bit deeper into problem solving to uncover new ways to meet users’ needs. 


Normal day 

My current project team is usually based in the BearingPoint main office so it’s vital we remain in regular contact with our client team.  This involves regular client face-to-face meetings to gather business requirements, brainstorm new ideas, design/test prototypes before delivering continuous improvements. 

Due to the current climate our normal working dynamic has been transformed.  As a result, we’ve adapted a new way of working using collaborative tools and technologies like MS Teams and Skype to innovate, evolve and thrive.  Reacting effectively in a rapidly changing business environment and discovering innovative solutions to address specific client requirements is an integral part of my life as a consultant. 


Outside the Office 

In my spare time, I enjoy cooking, reading and listening to podcasts & audiobooks.  With my gym membership, which BearingPoint kindly subsidises, I attend classes like spinning, yoga, boxing and swimming.  I also enjoy cycling and would like to complete a trip across the Mediterranean one day.  


Why BearingPoint 

In 2013, I met someone I knew from college over coffee who spoke very positively about his life and experience working at BearingPoint.  What particularly stood out for me in our conversations was the prospect of working with a great network of professionals with access to top clients .  Following that, I decided to dust off my CV and apply.  Fast-forward to today, I’m now into my seventh year working with some very talented people, gaining dynamic client experience and continuing to be challenged each day.  

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