Meet Ronan

Senior Consultant, Data & Analytics

I work as a database administrator/developer – you get exposure to lots of situations and environments. It keeps things interesting as you are always meeting new challenges trying to solve different problems

My Role

I work as a database administrator/developer for BearingPoint. In case you don’t know what a database administrator is, it is somebody who is responsible for ensuring the smooth running of databases. I am typically responsible for building, maintaining and optimising the performance of the database. In addition, I am responsible for database security. this means backing up data and implementing disaster recovery processes to ensure that data is never lost. The job can be stressful sometimes as the database is really central to most modern IT systems. However, despite this, being a key member of the development team can be really rewarding and the work is very interesting.
In addition to database administration, I also perform database development. This means developing applications that run in the database in languages such as SQL or PLSQL. I have been responsible for writing code to develop new applications or extend existing applications on a number of projects to date. Developing is really satisfying as it can allow you to be creative and solve problems.

Normal day

There isn’t a typical normal day. In consulting, the work is typically varied and interesting. One day I could be working with a client on a database project and the next, I could be with another client on a Business Intelligence (BI) project or working with Oracle or SQL Server on Windows or Linux. This can really benefit your career as you get exposure to lots of different situations and environments. It also keeps things interesting as you are always meeting new challenges trying to solve different problems.
A typical day for me on my current main project usually starts by catching up with the team. We have a stand-up meeting every day where we give an account of what we’re doing and any issues team members may have. Generally, we have a team-based approach to solving problems and this can really help get past blocking issues. I have lunch with the team every day and this is a great way to get to know the people you’re working with.

Outside the office

I like to keep fit and get to the gym most days after work. I’m into music and I love techno. I have a drum machine and a controller and I love finding new tunes and even making my own. I love travelling and often travel to go to see my favourite DJs play.

Why BearingPoint

I was working in the Civil Service but I felt like I wasn’t getting the experience I wanted. I wanted more varied work and to work with new technology more. I thought about consulting but I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to or that I would have the right experience. I saw an advertisement for BearingPoint and said I’d give it a go! I asked some people in the industry and they assured me that BearingPoint has a very good reputation and since joining the team, I can see why!

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