Meet Rob

Senior Consultant, Consulting

Since joining BearingPoint, I have been exposed to a broad spectrum of project work. Internally, I have been involved in the preparation of proposals for work in both the public and private sectors

My Role

I am a Senior Business Consultant in the Business Strategy and Transformation (BST) team in BearingPoint. My background includes a degree in commerce (majoring in economics) and a MBA in International Business Management. I have previously worked in tax consultancy, marketing and online property all of which left me with a variety of experience suited to business consultancy.

Since joining BearingPoint, I have been exposed to a broad spectrum of project work. Internally, I have been involved in the preparation of proposals for work in both the public and private sectors which has allowed me to gain interesting insights into the business development side of the organisation. I have also taken part in and organised internal training events such as BST School 2013 (a BST-driven week-long consulting skills workshop). I have also contributed to some research pieces internally in the areas of sustainable development and telecommunications.

I was also involved in high profile client engagements in the UK personal finance sector, the private healthcare sector and the telecommunications sector. My roles within each of these engagements varied substantially. I was engaged in project management office roles, systems testing, business analysis and strategic human resource planning. I also had the opportunity to work with new tools and competencies in the first few months of the job.

Normal day

When working on a client engagement, the day usually begins with a daily stand-up meeting. Updates are provided at these meetings concerning the previous day’s work and ideas are shared about how best to approach today’s tasks in the most efficient way. On IT-based projects these can be very interesting as I am exposed to the more technical issues being experienced by the development team and they in turn learn about the business-related issues the business analysis team have encountered.

The meat of my daily work can vary quite significantly depending on the type of project I am working on. Typical activities include some business analysis, liaising with the client to clarify requirements, responding to ad-hoc enquiries and working with the development team to resolve specific issues.

Outside the office

BearingPoint places strong emphasis on ensuring staff have a comfortable work-life balance. I am a member of the BearingPoint Sports and Social Club which provides exciting and fun opportunities to catch up with colleagues and unwind throughout the year. When I am not in the office I enjoy playing music, keeping fit and all sports, particularly rugby, hurling and tennis. I also have a keen interest in ice-pops and Van Morrison.

Why BearingPoint

There is a very clear ‘open-door’ policy in BearingPoint and I have found this to be a thoroughly refreshing atmosphere to work in every day. Everybody in the firm is highly professional and approachable resulting in a strong support network of colleagues available to assist at every juncture.

The second stand-out differentiator for me is the active role the company expects each employee to take in carving out their own career path. BearingPoint is a company with a broad portfolio of business and technology clients and an army of staff with the most diverse skills. The company wants individuals to be passionate about what they do and play to their strengths. Having regular discussions with your assigned performance manager about where you want to go next facilitates this process really effectively. Receiving this active career-planning motivates you to work hard and go the extra mile for those around you. Within just a couple of months working at BearingPoint I have found myself readily subscribed to the ethos of teaming, stewardship and commitment. These core values are evidenced by each individual across the company every working day.

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