Meet Jamie

Analyst, Technology

My Role

I joined BearingPoint as a Technology Analyst a few months after completing a master’s degree in Digital Media from the Dublin Institute of Technology.

Within my first year I have had the opportunity to be involved in two very different projects.  One was a large-scale legacy system project for the public sector and my current project a brand-new system for a telecommunications company.  My responsibilities on both these projects grew quickly from fixing small defects to designing big new features and being one of the main developers and points of technical contact.

Normal Day

Every day is different at BearingPoint and brings with it, its own set of challenges and learning experiences.  Usually a typical day starts with the daily stand-up, a key part of BearingPoint agile culture.  At these 15-minute meetings all members of the team have an opportunity to provide an update on their work, what they plan to do for the day and raise any issues they have.

The rest of the day then involves the investigation, design, implementation, testing and eventual completion of assigned tasks.  Since joining BearingPoint, I have been extremely fortunate to work with colleagues that have offered nothing but unconditional support whether it be helping with complex tasks or sharing their wealth of experience and expertise.  This has helped propel me into being able to responsibly and confidently take on more complex, challenging and rewarding tasks.

When requested, I can also set aside time for non-project related work such as time to upskill in a new technology I have been interested in or studying for a new certification exam I plan on taking.

Outside the Office

BearingPoint has one of the best work life balances I have experienced.  They actively encourage and contribute towards the ‘life’ side as much as the ‘work’ side by covering the costs for any clubs or organisation’s you wish to join such as a gym in my case.  They also contribute generously to the Sports and Social Club within BearingPoint which puts on a wealth of fun and engaging events monthly for all staff.

Outside of work in my own time I truly enjoy diving into a new light novel, keeping healthy through daily exercises routines and lastly fully engrossing myself in ‘Otaku’ culture.

Why BearingPoint

After just one year with BearingPoint it has truly been an amazing opportunity and experience. From day one you are treated as a member of the BearingPoint team, with people actively asking and engaging with you whether it be in the kitchen as you’re getting a nice cup of tea or coming over to introduce themselves out of the blue.  On top of that, regardless of rank or position everyone is approachable, sociable and willing to help at the drop of a hat.

BearingPoint is as committed to your personal development as much as its own. From day one you are assigned a development manager who using their vast experience and knowledge will help guide you on your career path, by suggesting and encouraging different courses and certifications for you to undertake, all of which BearingPoint proudly supports.

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