Meet Gavin

Senior Consultant, Technology

I was looking for a role that would allow me to work with a variety of different technologies

My Role

I work as a senior consultant within the technology delivery team. Before BearingPoint I had completed a master’s degree in computer science and was looking for a role that would allow me to work with a variety of different technologies, a technology analyst role at BearingPoint provided just that.
Being a consulting company, you have the opportunity to work across a variety of projects in different sectors tackling different problems. The first project I worked on was for a telecommunications company who were being on-boarded to BearingPoint Infonova’s R6 software, which is a digital ecosystem management platform. My role involved expanding the team’s automated testing, to adhere to the Behaviour Driven Development methodology they were following. This first project gave me great experience in how software is developed in industry. I worked with a small team who followed an agile approach to development, they were great at bringing me up to speed of the software development lifecycle from building an initial backlog, estimations, system testing, UAT testing to release. There was a lot to take on, but I learned so much in a short space of time.
Since then, I’ve worked on a couple of other projects in the public sector, the great thing about project-based work is you get the opportunity to use different technologies that have been architected to solve the clients’ problems. I have worked with Java, Angular, .NET and Microsoft’s PowerPlatform to name a few, and I am currently learning AWS and Nodejs for a potential new project.

Normal Day

On a normal day I would generally start by going over my schedule for the day and then prepare for the morning stand up. Here the team gives a quick synopsis of what they worked on yesterday, what they will be working on today and highlight any blockers they have. Following on from this I might work on tickets that have been assigned to me for the current sprint. But no day is the exact same, a high priority ticket may arise that needs investigation, or I might be doing some work for BearingPoint’s charity partner website which I help maintain.

Outside the Office

After work if I’m not feeling too lazy, I try and do some exercise be it a run or a cycle or meet my friends to play some football. Before lockdown and remote working I used to enjoy catching up with colleagues over a pint in the local on a Friday evening. Even though we cannot meet in person at the moment, my team has tried to keep spirit alive during lockdown and we still have a remote couple of drinks to celebrate a release.

Why BearingPoint?

For me BearingPoint is the perfect place to work for graduates, you get the opportunity to work with some incredibly skilled professionals, on a variety of interesting projects with some of the most cutting-edge technologies.
BearingPoint really values your development within the company, they help support your training to improve skills in your given role. Adding to this they have developed a great culture of learning within the company, I’m currently in BearingPoint’s ‘coding club’ which is a group of employees who meet once a month to go over some of the best practices in software development or work together to solve a problem to keep our skills sharp. There are also usually side projects you can get involved in to gain experience with a different tech stack that you may not be using in your current project which is great.
But outside of the day-to-day job, what makes any company an enjoyable place to work is the people you work with. BearingPoint is great in this regard. I get on great with everyone I’ve worked with and everyone no matter their position is very approachable and friendly. BearingPoint also runs a sports and social club that organises an event once a month which I’ve found to be a great place to get to know colleagues from other projects you may not be working with.

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