Meet Freya

Consultant, People & Strategy

My role on a technology implementation project has given me great exposure to learn so many new skills….

My Role

I joined BearingPoint in September 2022 as Business Analyst in the People & Strategy team. I began working on a large-scale IT implementation project. I have worked in a few different roles on this project since I joined.

It has been great to get a feel for the many aspects involved in putting a large-scale project live as well as getting up to speed with the system itself. Initially, I carried out PMO duties which involved providing support to the project manager on a range of day-to-day tasks like drafting presentations, recording the minutes from meetings, organizing documentation, and identifying project risks.

I now carry out more of a BA type role on the project. I take part in ticket prioritization sessions on JIRA after consulting the client on what they believe is essential for go-live and update spreadsheets to match the new priorities.
I am responsible for writing and documenting an IT system guide to enable new system users to use the new platform. This involves attending workshops, analysing user stories, and communicating with stakeholders in order to gather the correct materials for writing the system guide. As new features became available, they are recorded and accounted for in the guide.

I really enjoy my role as get to work with know and collaborate with different people across three different organizations.

Normal Day

My role on a technology implementation project has given me great exposure to learn so many new skills. With a project go live date just around the corner, every day presents new tasks. From prioritizing tickets to demonstrating new functionality to the client, I am kept busy! On a normal day pre go live, my days normally consist of final reviewing bugs and user stories in the testing environment, writing up new requirements, attending workshops and capturing data for the user system guide.
I have spent a lot of time working onsite with the client this year too, supporting them with UAT and training them in new features of the system. It has been a great opportunity to better my presentation and IT skills.

Outside of client work I enjoy attending tea-time training sessions with colleagues to learn about their role and the work they carry out as well as learning new skills.

Outside of the Office

Outside of work I love exercising and spending time with my friends. I enjoy walking in my local park or hiking with my dog up Tiknock mountain. At the weekend I love to go for dinner or go out with my friends in town.

Why BearingPoint?

After completing a degree in Chemistry, I was unsure of what path I was going to take. I always enjoyed problem solving and working on tasks as part of a team. Once I started working in BearingPoint I knew I had made the right decision as I started working on a project immediately which challenged me but was rewarding as I got to develop core consulting skills early on.
BearingPoint also place a strong emphasis on their people, and it is apparent through the many social nights out, healthcare benefits, team lunches and gatherings they organise. It is a great place to kick off your career!

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