Meet David

Senior Consultant, Technology

My Role 

I work in the technology team in BearingPoint.  I joined in 2014 after completing my degree in Business information systems in UCC.  

My first project was working on one of the largest .NET projects in Ireland which was quite daunting as a freshfaced graduate but being surrounded by a brilliant team it allowed me to grow and expand my skills to get to where I am today.  As my experience grew, I was given an opportunity to work on an exciting autonomous robot project using the latest cloud technologies for a major car manufacturing company in Germany.  I was able to bring the skills learned at my previous project over to the new project which helped me establish myself as a core member of the team.  It is highly satisfying to know that the software you are developing is helping to revolutionise an industry. 


Normal Day 

As my team is located in different parts of the world, we work remotely and communicate over Microsoft teams. 

My day begins with the teams daily meeting.  Here each team member gives a short concise update of what they are working on and if they have any blockers.  Depending on the day and phase of the sprint, I could be virtually attending a sprint planning, review or retrospective meeting.  During the sprint I could be developing new features for the backend services in C# & SQL, using my angular skills to develop new frontend components or fixing a high priority bug that is affecting the production environment.  I am also involved in reviewing other developers code to ensure that everyone follows the best coding standards.  

Everyone on the team gets on very well and offers support to each other which is great because developing remotely can be difficult at times since you can’t just walk over to a colleagues desk to ask them a question.  Every once in a while the whole team meets in the company’s headquarters in Germany so it’s nice to catch up over a beer in a famous Biergarten after work of course!  


Outside the Office 

Outside the office I enjoy swimming and recently started participating in 5km park runs which is a good way to keep fit while having fun.  During the summer months, I can also be found in Croke park supporting the Kerry team.  Up the Kingdom! 


Why BearingPoint 

BearingPoint is great place to excel in your career by working with intelligent people.  It is also an excellent place to develop your skills since the company offer training courses and allows time for personal development.  BearingPoint also supports a healthy work-life balance.  There is a BearingPoint sports and social club which is a nice way to stay in touch with other colleagues that are on different client sites. 

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