Meet David

Senior Analyst, Technology

Having worked at BearingPoint for almost a year and a half, I can safely say I made the right decision

My Role

I started my journey with BearingPoint as an intern in 2019. I spent six months in the company, mostly working on automated GUI testing and had the opportunity to meet and learn from some great people. Upon finishing, I expressed that I’d be more interested in moving into a software development role and I later received an offer to return after finishing my degree. I took some time to consider returning to BearingPoint versus applying to different companies. I ultimately found that graduate roles on offer in other companies couldn’t compete with what I saw both during my internship and when discussing with other Analysts who joined BearingPoint after college. I finished my final year and graduated from Computer Applications & Software Engineering, DCU and re-joined BearingPoint as a Technology Analyst in September 2020.

When I came back, I had some time to upskill in some languages in frameworks that I didn’t get the chance to work with in college and later I joined a team working for a multi-national pharmaceutical company, mainly using C#, .NET, Angular and Azure. Joining the team remotely was a challenge, even though I had six months of ‘normal’ work with BearingPoint but I immediately got support from the seniors that I was working with and help was always provided.

Normal Day

My day starts with an email and calendar check and a refresher on what I might have been working on the previous day. I am still on the same pharmaceutical project as when I joined and I’m loving every day of it! With the experience I’ve gained, I’m now able to take on more responsibility and consistently embrace the challenges that comes with it, as seeing my own skills consistently grow has always been very important to me.

I would typically work on user stories or other tickets that are assigned to me. We work in an agile setting and every two weeks the team and I would come together for our backlog refinement where we review incoming work. After this meeting, I would then review some of these stories, ironing out ambiguity, identifying gaps and later performing a technical overview of what is required for each story with the development team. Since we are working remotely, we also hold a team tea break twice a week to catch up.

Why BearingPoint?

When making my decision on whether to return to BearingPoint, I knew that I wanted to hit the ground running with my technical skills. I held the opinion that the first year out of college would be a very important one, as it forms a base on which to build up my other skills in the future. Having worked at BearingPoint for almost a year and a half, I can safely say I made the right decision to come back. I have learned so much in such a short period of time. I am consistently pushed outside my comfort zone and learning new things. Despite working remotely, there is a very strong sense of teamwork, a good job never goes unnoticed and I can say that I get on really well with and am supported by everyone I’ve worked with.

Outside of the Office

Outside of work hours, I usually spend my time playing or listening to music, cooking, exercising, or catching a movie. I am a member of the BearingPoint Sports & Social Committee, and we typically hold events once a month, so I sometimes get the chance to meet and hang out with other BearingPoint staff that I wouldn’t normally see.

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