Meet Aid

Manager, Technology

My Role 

I joined BearingPoint in 2016 as a consultant and progressed to my current role as a manager in the Development team I lead my development team to deliver the project in the most efficient and timely manner, while supporting the team’s self-organisation and flexibility.  Since joining, I have had the opportunity to work with different teams across multiple European countries which helped me to build the experience and knowledge needed for this role.  


Normal Day 

Since BearingPoint delivers projects using agile methodology, every day starts with a short stand-up team meeting where we review the status of our tasks, discuss possible issues and organise work for that day.  On a typical day there will be a few more meetings to make sure that all parts of the process are aligned.  This includes collaboration with Business Analysts around requirements gathering, with Systems Testers around test plans, and technical meetings with Developers to keep development moving forward.  In addition to development work, my daily routine involves working closely with the project manager and clients, ensuring that we are delivering value to the client, and keeping them up to date on the development status.  


Outside the Office 

I enjoy socialising with my wife and friends in Dublin’s many pubs and restaurants.  I enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities like running, hiking, and road trips across the country. 


Why BearingPoint 

I enjoy working at BearingPoint.  People are openminded and approachable which makes it easy to fit in and get the work done.  The variety of projects I work on provides an opportunity to learn new things every day and keeps me focused and interested.  Even though the projects can be challenging at times, I get all the training and support I need.  I am grateful for all the opportunities that helped me to become a better manager and a better person.  

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