What I’m working on – Sarah

My name is Sarah and I work in the Business Consulting team in BearingPoint. Over the last year, my role has included the responsibility of managing and developing the BearingPoint Digital Leaders Study (DLS) for the Irish office. This study examines and compares the digital maturity of Ireland’s top companies in eight different industries across several dimensions.

Sarah Keane: Photograph by Joanna O’Malley

We look at how companies interact with their customers online and measure which companies are the best at this. We compare companies objectively, using over 200 individual criteria. This requires several months of systematic data collection, data analysis and report writing. Typically, the work on the following year’s study will begin as soon as the previous study is ready to launch.

Getting the study completed requires a huge team effort. Project planning includes liaising with other offices across the practice to share materials and lessons learned and selecting appropriate industries and companies with the management team. This is followed by mobilising a team of several data analysts to collect the data, and consultants to analyse the data.

We then engage with internal industry experts to proofread the report, graphic designers to design the report, the print company to create the physical report and the marketing team to make sure everyone is aware of the report. Finally, and most importantly, we arrange meetings with the companies that would like to see their results in more detail.

My role has been to project manage the initiative to completion. As well as this, I’ve been able to work in areas that wouldn’t typically be part of my role in consulting – such as editing, designing and printing and sales and marketing. One of the highlights for me was the opportunity to write an article for the Irish Times, on the importance of digital maturity for Irish companies.

“This has been a brilliant opportunity, as it has afforded me the chance to work with new Irish colleagues as well as colleagues from across the European practice.

The DLS has resulted in building new relationships for BearingPoint with Irish companies and providing them with valuable insights on how to improve their Digital Maturity. In a world where digital experience is more important than ever, it has been a very worthwhile initiative to be a part of.

The BearingPoint Digital Leaders Study assesses the digital maturity of 55 leading Irish companies from eight industry sectors. This was assessed across four dimensions: digital marketing, digital product experience, e-commerce and e-CRM. Visit www.bearingpoint.com to access the study highlights: industry and company rankings and details, summary by digital dimensions, related insights, and download the full PDF.