Welcome Back Event

BearingPoint welcomes staff back to its Irish office in style

BearingPoint officially re-opened its doors with a welcome back party held for all staff members at Brew Dog Outpost in Dublin’s docklands. The event gave staff members their first opportunity to gather and socialise in person since the pandemic began over two years previously.

BearingPoint’s new purpose statement encapsulates the spirit of the firm as it heads into its post-pandemic future. ‘Together we are more than business’ touches on three primary things – people, innovation and sustainability. These three pillars served as a suitable theme for the event and were visible throughout the night.

In the ‘Our Planet’ corner, staff members received a salad plant to take home to their garden or balcony, as well as tips for growing plants at home. They were also given the opportunity to have their voices heard in an interactive voting display created by the CSR team.

‘Our Innovation’ was demonstrated through an immersive metaverse experience, showcasing BearingPoint’s leading-edge virtual reality technology.

All guests received a giant personalised chocolate bar, along with a free branded beanie hat and playing cards at ‘Our People’ corner.

At the Good News Wall, staff members were able to catch up on any personal news stories or milestones from colleagues that they may have missed due to the pandemic.

In addition, a unique treasure hunt, board games, retro arcade machines, giant Jenga and shuffleboard ensured that there was something for everyone to enjoy on the night. Watch the video below to see the experience for yourself: