Your background

Technology consulting with BearingPoint is for you if you:

  • study computer science, computer engineering or software development related courses
  • like analysing data and generating new insights
  • enjoy using technology and its application to solve real world problems
  • have experience in technologies like Java and .Net
  • take a logical, structured approach to your work

Your role as a technology consultant

You will have the opportunity to leverage and develop your technology skills working on large and challenging technology programs for customers across public, financial and commercial services. You will design, build, and implement cutting-edge systems for example; mobile applications, data analytics, customer interaction and transaction processing to solve real world business problems. You will be innovative in identifying business problems for which emerging technologies can provide a solution.


Your background

Consulting with BearingPoint is for you if you:

  • study business, management or digital related courses
  • have a keen interest in technology innovation and how it can be used to transform business and customer engagement models
  • have a strong interest in how companies and organisations adapt and evolve to meet their business needs and challenges
  • enjoy developing business ideas which translate into bottom line results
  • have excellent analytical, decision making, interpersonal and communication skills as well as commercial and financial appreciation
  • are fun to work with and thrive in an environment that brings new challenges and learning opportunities every day

Your role as a business consultant

As one of our business consultants you will get to work on both short and long-term projects in a mix of small and large teams.  This will involve taking a holistic view of your clients’ operational challenges and needs which considers, their customers, their people, processes and technology.

  • You will apply your analytical and management skills to help customers translate their business strategies into actionable projects and programmes.
  • You will be part of a team that supports clients through all stages of business transformation, from defining a vision for the future through to implementation.
  • You will engage with clients as a trusted advisor, helping them to achieve and sustain their long term objectives in a rapidly changing business environment.
  • You will collaborate with colleagues from a range of different teams within our business, including data scientists, software developers and enterprise application specialists.
  • You will have the opportunity to work along-side local and national thought leaders, including industry subject matter experts from across the BearingPoint network.

Your career development will be supported through continuous learning, coaching and mentoring.  By working across a number of different industry sectors, in a variety of roles, you will be provided with a solid foundation on which to build your future career and specialisation.

Business Information Systems

Your background

Business information systems consulting with BearingPoint is for you if you:

  • study business information systems, business, economic and social studies (BESS), management science and information systems studies (MSISS) or computer science
  • are interested in the alignment of business processes, systems and people to achieve business value
  • enjoy engaging with people to find solutions to their business issues
  • have strong interpersonal and communications skills

Your role as a business information systems consultant

You will have the opportunity to leverage and develop your business and technology skills working on large and challenging technology programmes involving the deployment of market leading systems such as SAP, Oracle, and Unit4 to optimise and enable core business processes. You will develop process and business skills in functions such as finance, HR, distribution, manufacturing, and customer relationship management (CRM). You will work closely with customers in a wide range of industries to understand the challenges in their day-to-day operations and propose and design improved processes, systems and ways of working.

Build a rewarding career