Meet Rick

Manager, Consulting

As a consultant with BearingPoint, technology is only one piece of the puzzle.  Ultimately, we are trying to deliver impactful business outcomes


My Role  

After studying Business Information Systems in college, I completed an internship with a large technology company.  I enjoyed the blend of technology and business subject matter throughout my degree and I applied to BearingPoint in 2012 hoping for similar variety. 

In the years since, I have gained experience in software development, business analysis and project management, while working primarily with HR technology.  This range of activities has made for an interesting start to my career and has allowed me to develop a broad range of skills. 

As a consultant with BearingPoint, technology is only one piece of the puzzle Ultimately, we are trying to deliver impactful business outcomes.  This requires us to work with customers to understand their challenges and the potential benefits that change can deliver.  This means leveraging technical expertise, functional domain knowledge and soft skills. 

Normal Day 

My day often differs depending on the phase of a project’s lifecycle we are working on.  During the early stages this might involve planning or requirement gathering.  Later we might be focused on the various components of technical delivery or User Acceptance Testing.  

might also work on several projects and activities at one time.  It is therefore important to adapt, prioritise and manage my time effectively.  

Outside the Office 

Outside of work I enjoy sports and music and attend as many matches and gigs as possible.  I also enjoy cooking and trying out new recipes – with mixed levels of success! 

Why BearingPoint 

What attracted me to BearingPoint was the opportunity to work on large scale business transformation projects.  However, it is the culture of the firm that has kept me here.  

It feels like a flat organisation and despite being large enough to deliver complex projects across a variety of sectors. BearingPoint has the feeling of a smaller firm.  People make the effort to get to know you and there is a real open and collaborative spirit.  This affords you the opportunity to get involved in new areas and expand your horizons, as well as making for a positive working environment.  

There is also a real commitment to delivering high quality work, making it a great place to learn and develop your career.