Meet Padraig

My Role

I am a junior developer at BearingPoint working mainly with Java and AngularJS. My primary role in the company involves planning and implementing new software features for our clients’ IT systems. I am a part of an agile development team and I work closely with our product owner, testers and other developers to ensure we produce high quality software on time. I occasionally branch out from development work to do things like presenting demos to clients or attending training events. I recently changed project and have been made Scrum Master of a new team. As a result, I’ve had the opportunity to gain experience managing people too. The broad range of opportunities I’ve been exposed to is one of my favorite things about working here. After only 14 months I already feel like a very well-rounded professional.

Normal Day

My day starts with the daily stand-up where the development team assembles to report on what they worked on during the previous day and what they plan to do that day. I think it’s a great system as you are responsible to the team rather to a “boss”. As a result, motivation doesn’t come from a fear of failure but from a desire to play your part in the team. It’s a very supportive atmosphere where questions are encouraged. We work in sprints which means that for nine days out of ten I’m working as previously outlined. On the tenth day, we finish our development work and present it to our clients in a demo. After this we have a quick retrospective meeting to discuss how we think we could improve as a team before we do our task planning for the next sprint.

Outside the Office

During my free time I enjoy playing 5-a-side football, making music and working on my own private software projects. I started a 5-a-side club for the company when I joined and we play every Wednesday. New players are always welcome so if you join the company and enjoy football please give me a buzz! On the music side of things, I enjoy recording cover songs in my spare time and occasionally play guitar or drums with bands. My two main areas of interest when I’m working on my own projects are Android development and home automation with the Raspberry Pi.

Why BearingPoint

I have really enjoyed my time at BearingPoint since I left college. There are many reasons I like it; the people are friendly, there is good social life with co-workers and I’m given enough responsibility with my work to feel that what I’m doing is worthwhile. However, the main benefit I’ve got from working here is the personal development. The company has always given me both the support and time I needed to develop myself. I now have highly marketable skills in technologies like Java and valuable experience in areas like presenting, dealing with clients and working as a member of an agile team.