BearingPoint Experienced Hires – Meet John, Business Information Systems Consultant

Meet John

My Role

I joined BearingPoint shortly after completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Information Systems in NUI Galway. This course prepared me well for my eventual role in BearingPoint in the Packaged Applications division. In our team, we leverage skills in business and technology to help clients realise large-scale implementations of systems to manage functional areas of their business such as finance or human resources. To date, I have had the opportunity to work on lots of implementations for a variety of clients and industries. The depth and breadth of this experience enables me to help clients achieve a broad range of different goals.

My role requires me to maintain close relationships with the client at all levels and I often deal with C-level executives and frontline staff on any given day. Understanding what motivates people and how to drive change is vital to the role of the consultant in the Packaged Applications team. Understanding how to speak to technical and non-technical audiences and convey important messages is a skill that I developed in BearingPoint and that I use daily.

Gathering requirements, improving processes and managing change are all key business skills that I have learned since joining BearingPoint. Packaged Applications consultants must also have technical skills to take a client's requirements as well as process improvements and configure a system that works. Technical proficiency blended with business skills is at the core of my role.

Normal day

A normal day for me can vary depending on what phase of a project we are in. Running workshops with clients to gather requirements and design systems are important tasks that I complete at the start of a project. Once we have these requirements a lot of time is spent building and configuring the system to this design. Presenting work to the client is something that we do on a weekly and sometimes daily basis.

Outside the office

When I'm not at work, one of my main hobbies is Karate. I have been involved in Karate for over 16 years as both a student and a teacher, and I still practice whenever I get the time. I am also an avid GAA fan and would try to get to as many games as possible in over the summer months.

Why BearingPoint

BearingPoint is a fantastic place to grow your skills in a positive environment. Since joining BearingPoint, I have found that the work-life balance promotes a friendly and effective community of consultants, dedicated to delivering work that we can be proud of, and that clients recognise as industry leading and innovative.

BearingPoint is a place that constantly challenges you to learn something new and then gives you the support and tools to achieve.