Business Information Systems




Develop your business and technology skills working on large challenging business information systems programmes involving the deployment of market leading systems such as SAP, Oracle and Unit4.

Your background

Business information systems consulting with BearingPoint is for you if you:

  • Study business information systems, business, economic and social studies (BESS), management science and information systems studies (MSISS), computer science with strong business knowledge or commerce with technical knowledge
  • Relate how business processes, systems and people need to be aligned to achieve business value
  • Enjoy engaging with people to find solutions to their business issues
  • Have strong interpersonal skills and are comfortable presenting, documenting and analysing

Your role as a Business Information Systems Consultant

You will have the opportunity to leverage and develop your business and technology skills working on large and challenging technology programmes involving the deployment of market leading systems such as SAP, Oracle, and Unit4 to optimise and enable core business processes. You will develop process and business skills in functions such as finance, HR, distribution, manufacturing, and customer relationship management (CRM). You will work closely with customers in a wide range of industries to understand the challenges in their day-to-day operations and propose and design improved processes, systems and ways of working.

Typical projects

ERP implementation project

A full ERP implementation project could take from 3-12 months depending on the breadth of functionality being implemented, the complexity of the processes and the environment involved. Cloud-based software-as-a-service implementations are typically faster than traditional on-premise implementations due to the fact that clients will adopt the standard processes delivered as part of the service.

A typical ERP implementation project consists of five phases:

  1. Project preparation: where the team is introduced and the project plan is confirmed
  2. Design: where we discuss the ‘as-is’ business processes and map out the new ‘to-be’ processes in the ERP solution
  3. Build: where we configure and test the system
  4. Final preparation: where we conduct user acceptance testing, training and data migration
  5. Go-Live: where we cut-over to the live system and provide post go-live support

After each successful go-live, projects are closed with a team ‘go-live’ party. Working closely with a client on a full implementation project enables you to really get to know client teams, their business and industry. Our team has worked with clients in a variety of industries including pharmaceuticals, telecoms, advertising, public services and banking.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) advisory project

Many of our engagements involve advising clients on their ERP strategy and helping them to select suitable applications and partners.

On a recent advisory project for a large Irish wholesale pharmaceutical company, we worked closely with the client team to document system requirements at a high level and to understand which ERP system would be the most suitable to meet current and future needs. After selecting a suitable system, we then managed a full request for proposal (RFP) process to identify a potential system implementation partner. This involved assessing the shortlisted partners against a number of important criteria and reviewing their reference projects. We continue to work with the client to conduct peer reviews of the work being conducted by the selected implementation partner and to advise on other areas of their overall IT strategy.

Supplementing client teams

Consultants from the BIS team often work on projects for clients who have their own internal ERP teams but who may require additional support in a particular area for a period of time.

We also recently completed a project for a large telecoms company who were implementing a global ERP template. BearingPoint provided additional resources and expertise in a number of areas including testing and data migration to ensure the project was completed successfully and on time. Working on engagements like this enables our consultants to really integrate with the client team and develop strong working relationships.

Managed services and upgrades

Another significant area of focus for the Business Information Systems team is in the area of managed services support and system upgrades. We recently completed an important upgrade project for a large banking institution in Ireland. Due to the risk involved in performing system upgrades, a very detailed project plan was developed and adhered to. Extensive regression testing was conducted in the pre-production environment to ensure there would be no impact to the end-users after upgrading the live system. The project manager had to ensure that all of the necessary steps could be conducted during this short time-frame and also that a robust roll-back procedure was in place to ensure the legacy system could be recovered fully in the event of any issues arising during the upgrade.